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Carpet Cleaning Vancouver

We are well known for using only the most tried and tested cleaning methods, state of the art equipment and environment friendly chemicals and cleaning agents. We provide a full range of expertly done carpet and upholstry cleaning services using a carpet cleaning machine that is rated to be amongst the best and most powerful available in the World. Read more

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Carpet Cleaning Services...

EcoGREEN carpet cleaning Vancouver provides wide range professional carpet and upholstery cleaning services including:

Yes, we went to IICRC school and passed certification exams!

IICRC Certified Technician

Our technicians are fully certified by Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration, which is governing body of carpet cleaning certification internationally. That means we took an extra step and went to school to study the carpet construction, cleaning solutions, process, temperature and much more. Anybody can become carpet cleaner by having the equipment, but not everybody can take the necessary courses and pass IICRC examination!

Dries in 3-4 Hours

Thanks to our powerful water suction technology, your carpet and upholstery dry in 3-4 hours instead of days. Forget those companies that leave your carpets soaky wet and choose EcoGREEN Carpet Cleaning.

Carpet and Rug Institute Approved Solutions

The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) is the national trade association representing carpet and rug manufacturers. The CRI Seal of Approval program tests the effectiveness of carpet cleaning products and certifies that they remove soil and stains effectively without damage to carpet fibers.

Remove Stubborn Spots and Stains

EcoGREEN’s carpet cleaning professionals use the best spot removing products and tools available today, and all of those products are 100% green. We come to your house fully prepared to deal with stubborn stains, spots, marks and more!

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Three Step Process.

Step One. The first step in our cleaning process is a thorough pretreatment of all the carpeted areas to be cleaned. The pre treating step allows the cleaning solution which is sprayed on to loosen the soils in the carpet so they may be removed in step two. A carpet cannot be properly cleaned without a proper pre treat.

Step Two. The second step is a steam rinse of your carpet. All the loose soils and detergent residues are removed by the clear steam and powerful extraction process. The result is a fresh, deep cleaned carpet. There are no residues left to cause re-soiling.

Step Three. Step three takes place at the same time as step two. The pre treat and the steam rinse will remove 95% to 98% of you spots and stains. As we are final rinsing and we come across spots which do not come up we use our individual spot cleaners to remove these spots.

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Do not put off your carpet and upholstery cleaning anymore. Call Carpet Cleaning Vancouver today!. Link exchange requests can be submitted here.